Fortland is a specialist manager that has been established to bring access to land investment opportunities which have the potential for future urban development.

Our strategy is to acquire land in the path of progress, then fast track its development timeline by actively pursuing local authority rezoning and consenting to significantly improve the value of the land.

Why Land?

Land is the foundation of all real estate. Its value potential derives from how it can be legally used.

New Zealand’s growing population faces an acute shortage of housing. The nation has increased by over a million people since the millennium, and despite the majority of this growth occurring in the past decade, the step-change we’ve needed in supply hasn’t happened.

Our Process

Fortland identifies large parcels of land for acquisition in strategic, high-demand areas of city fringes that will foster future communities. Urbanisation is an ongoing trend that necessitates thoughtful long-term planning. Fortland stewards the pre-developed land for urbanisation, unlocking its full potential on behalf of the investors.

  • 01

    Research: Our team of experts identifies land on the path of progress, then conducts a robust due diligence process to assess its suitability.

  • 02

    Acquisition: Fortland procures the right to acquire the land, and syndicates it to investors, giving each a proportional ownership of the block and allowing the investment to run debt-free.

  • 03

    Enhancement: The Fortland team and partners actively manage the investment, seeking to improve the value of the land through plan changes, master planning and consenting.

  • 04

    Divestment: Upon achieving enhancement of the land value, Fortland pursues divestment of the land with returns for investors, measured in multiples.