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Opinion: Here’s Why House Prices Will Rise Again, and Soon

By Sam Stubbs | 20 Aug 2023

Some economists predicted that increased Covid-related spending would find its way into house prices. And so it did.

In hindsight, their predictions were logical - a lot more money was suddenly chasing the same number of homes. But times change. Higher mortgage rates have hit house prices - even though they are still well above their Covid lows.

Fisher & Paykel's Karaka Plans Revealed

By Victoria Young | BusinessDesk 22 Jun 2023

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare will spend between $230 million and $300m on the first phase of capital expenditure for its Karaka campus, according to official documents. The details have come to light through the med-tech manufacturer’s Overseas Investment Office application to buy the $275m site. Clearance to purchase the 105-hectare site, which is currently rural land, was granted in April, subject to special conditions.

Housing Density: National Party Leader Christopher Luxon Will Change Rules, Greenfields Development Favoured

By Simon Wilson | NZ Herald 04 May 2023

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has revealed he intends to change the rules on housing density, if he forms the next government. "Greenfields development", which means converting farmland into suburbs, will be favoured. The rules Luxon wants to scrap allowing three-storey dwellings on all residential land in the main cities.

Urban Land Prices Have Doubled in Most of New Zealand’s Cities

By Miriam Bell | 20 Apr 2023

Urban land prices doubled in nearly every large city in the country over the last decade, and infrastructure issues are a factor in that, a new report says. Te Waihanga the Infrastructure Commission analysed trends in urban land prices in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown between 2010 and 2021.

Why Investing in Land Is a Smart Choice

By Fortland Capital 05 Apr 2023

Given the recent volatility in global markets, we wanted to revisit the investment characteristics of land in today's context: stability, inflation hedging, and attractive historical returns to name a few.

Money moves: How Fortland Capital is opening up land investment in a whole new way

By Margie Riddiford 20 Mar 2023

The idea of investing in property is an inherently Kiwi paradigm. It’s something that most of us have been told from an early age to do as soon (and as often) as we can. But what if there were other avenues and models of investment available to us that delivered similar opportunities for those sought-after capital gains?

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Webinar: 2023 - An Economic Outlook with Tony Alexander

By Fortland Capital 07 Mar 2023

Watch the recorded webinar as Tony Alexander shares his expert perspective on the overall economy, trends in interest rates, and investor sentiment, with a specific focus on Auckland's growth. Followed by Jessie Xie, Town Planner, who speaks to Auckland’s growth in the context of the Auckland Plan 2050.

Watch our webinar, the first in our ongoing Economic Outlook series with Tony Alexander. Watch Now